"Fresh Means Fresh"
Penny Hill was founded originally in Vero Beach, Florida by Wallace (Wally) and his wife Shelvie Bizwell, in 1970.  Their first store opened as an ice cream shoppe.  The name " Penny Hill" came from a lady they hired to work for them.  She had worked previously in a little shop that overlooked Delaware Bay. She told the story that people would pay a penny to ride the ferry across the bay to the shops, so the area became known as Penny Hill.  The story appealed to Wally, and although his menu differed from the original shop, he used the name and Penny Hill Subs was born. They sold their original store, in Vero Beach, which still exists and moved to Union City, Tenn.   There they opened and sold another Penny Hill Subs, it also still exists today.
    In 1978, their daughter Crystal moved to Oklahoma City and her parents followed her to OKC within months.  They began their sandwich business in OKC under the name "Sub Stop" and later as "Sooner Subs".  They had several stores in the metro area over the years.  Crystal decided to enter the family business in Norman in 1981.  She ran a very successful sub shop for about 15 years that Norman came to love.  She produced box lunches for the OU football team when they rode the bus to away games for several years.
Multiple times the store was voted best sandwich shop in the metro area. 
Her parents helped other people start their own sandwich shops during the down years of the mid 1980s. 
 One of which was the very successful "City Bites". 
   The store changed hands two times before it was purchased by
Pamela and Gary Graham in 2003.  The store was moved 25ft south of  it's original location in late 2003.  It has been added on to twice since 2003.
The original seating total was 12 it is now 85.
Pamela is a native Oklahoman from Binger,
which she will proudly tell you is the home of Johnny Bench. 
Gary is also a native Oklahoman from Anadarko,
he attended the University of Oklahoma and is a proud Sooner,
couldn't tell from looking at the place could you? 
They have 3 children who all have worked at Penny Hill and are a driving force in it's success.  Jaci, their only daughter and two sons,
Gerritt and Ayram. 
All are NHS grads, the boys both played baseball for the Tigers.
   For over 30 years Penny Hill has provided a quality/unique sub sandwich in Norman.  The menu has greatly expanded over the last few years but the quality the original owners established still exists in everything
Penny Hill does today!
" Let our family build your family's sandwiches "
                 Penny Hill has won the People's Choice Award for:
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 
&  just announced
We Offer Free Wi-Fi
"Take time to enjoy every sandwich"  
Warren Zevon just prior to his death.